Coo-l Product: Kids with Brains, hands-on science for kids


What is Kids with Brains?

Kids with Brains is the brainchild of Catarina Pires, who has a science degree and previously worked with a science toy …

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Coo-l Product: Student Nannies, matching parents and students


What is Student Nannies about?

Student Nannies is a platform linking up parents who need help with childcare, with students looking for fun, well-paid work. It’s free …

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Coo-l Service: 3 House Club, your local private family club


3 House Club is a local private family club based in St. John’s Wood, NW8 7AL.


We started out 5 years ago and now we’re proud …

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Coo-l Product: RoosterMoney, helping you teach your kids the value of money


What is RoosterMoney? 

RoosterMoney is a pocket money tracking app that helps parents teach their children the value of money in a digital age.

From as young …

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Coo-l Product: myBaker, discover our community of talented bakers


Meet our coo-l product of the week, myBaker. A great solution for busy parent out there looking for a tasty and unique cake – whether …

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