Coo-l Product: Sitster, free babysitting amongst friends

Have you heard of Sitster? The cool new app making it easy to arrange babysitting amongst friends.


What is Sitster? 

Sitster allows parents to create babysitting groups …

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Coo-l Product: Azoomee, where children can be children online

Every video, game and audiobook on Azoomee is chosen by an in-house team of education experts. We give your kids content that’s good for them, blending well-known brands like London Zoo, Marvel and Angry Birds with our own original content like BAFTA-nominated Search It Up – an animated series that teaches young children about internet safety.


Coo-l Product: Bubble, on-demand, trusted babysitting


This week we’re introducing you to bubble, the easiest and quickest way to book babysitters known and trusted by your circle of friends.


So what is …

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Coo-l Dad: Ewan Birney, Director of The European Bioinformatics Institute

This week we are delighted to interview Professor Ewan Birney, our first Coo-l Dad!

Ewan, dad of 2, is Director of The European Bioinformatics Institute and …

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Coo-l Product: Tantrum XYZ, the best baby and kids gear, clothes, tech, events and tips


What is TantrumXYZ? 

TantrumXYZ is a new online magazine for parents, combining funny and useful articles, the best video and podcasts from around the web, and …

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