25 August: Kiss and Make Up Day

“Let us kiss and make up, and not be sad. After all life is too short to fight.” – Unknown

We’ve all been there – those …

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22 August: Be an Angel Day

“I feel like there is an angel inside me that I am constantly shocking” – Jean Cocteau

Be an Angel Day is exactly what you think …

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18 August: Bad Poetry Day

“Everyone is born a poet – a person discovering the way words sound and work, caring and delighting in words. I just kept …

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15 August: Best Friend Day

“The best kind of friendships are the fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and truly thinks …

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middle child3

12 August: Middle Child Day

“If you mess with the older sister or brother, just remember that there is always a younger, crazier one just behind them.”

Everyone has this idea …

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