9 August: Book Lover’s Day

“I love books. I like that the moment you open one and sink into it, you can escape from the world into a …

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wiggle toes

6 August: Wiggle Your Toes Day

You are probably thinking, “Wiggle your toes day? Really? Why does anyone need a day to celebrate wiggling your toes?”

To be fair, everyone probably wiggles …

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Mum and kids 2

Are you a Coo-l Mum?

Who Coo?

Did you know parents of young children need to keep track of >500 calendar reminders per year? Yup, over 500.

Turns out those term dates, …

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3 August: Watermelon Day

Aren’t watermelons great? They taste absolutely fabulous. With the added bonus of having any number of health benefits. Research has shown that watermelons decrease the …

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31 July: Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day

It’s time to whack out your clackamore, daxophone, huaca, omnichord or your fiddle-dee-doo! Yes, you’ve guessed it — it’s uncommon instrument day!

William Shakespeare once said …

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