Coo-l Product: Azoomee, where children can be children online

This week we’re introducing you to Azoomee, an award-winning, BAFTA-nominated entertainment service for kids.

What is Azoomee?  

Azoomee features the best kids’ TV shows, games and audiobooks in one safe app on all mobile devices across iOS and Android.

We have a free version and a paid subscription service. For every paid subscription of Azoomee, we make a direct donation to our partner, the NSPCC.

What makes Azoomee unique? 

Every video, game and audiobook on Azoomee is chosen by an in-house team of education experts. We give your kids content that’s good for them, blending well-known brands like London Zoo, Marvel and Angry Birds with our own original content like BAFTA-nominated Search It Up – an animated series that teaches young children about internet safety.

What also makes Azoomee unique is the ability to “lock” kids in the app so they can’t view other apps without your permission. And unlike many other video-streaming services, there are no in-app purchases or advertising.

What was the inspiration behind Azoomee?

The founders’, Estelle and Doug Lloyd, three daughters were actually the inspiration behind setting up Azoomee. Our middle daughter Chloe wanted to listen to a popular nursery rhyme, so she searched for it online. Unfortunately, what she found was not suitable for a seven-year-old! We realized something needed to be done to protect not just our own children online, but all children.

Rather than ban them from going online altogether, we wanted to develop an app that allowed children to use the internet safety whilst also teaching them the best ways of navigating it. That’s how Azoomee was born.

Why do parents love you?

Parent love Azoomee because they know their children are watching content that’s good for them and that while their children are using the service they are protected.

And Kids love Azoomee because it’s fun!

How would they describe you in their own words? 

“My son loves all the audiobooks available on Azoomee. Listening to Robin Hood together at bedtime has become his new nightly ritual!” – Tim D, Nottingham

“What’s really important to me is the association with the NSPCC. I have peace of mind and I know my kids are safe online.” – Sarah P, London

What else should we be telling our Coo-l parents about you?

It’s been a phenomenal year for Azoomee following a national partnership with O2, a BAFTA nomination and winning several business awards.

Next year looks to be just as exciting – the app will be re-launched in January so every child has their own unique experience (every child’s Azoomee is different), lots of exciting new content is being added and Azoomee is expanding internationally!

Azoomee is available in the UK on all mobile devices across iOS and Android. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest news.