Coo-l Product: Gift Wink, making sure you never forget an important birthday again


This week we wanted to introduce you to Gift Wink, a fabulous service taking the stress out of buying birthday presents for children. If you’re like us and have a school birthday party every weekend, not to mention lovely nephews and nieces you want to pamper, but are limited on time (and creativity!), then this is the site for you!


Describe what Gift Wink does?

Gift Wink is a gifting and birthday reminder service specialising in children’s gifts. We help our members buy the perfect gift, on time, every time.

What makes your service unique?  

All of our gifts are hand-picked by our expert team of gift-spotters – meaning that they are guaranteed to be awesome, unique and gorgeous! Our gifts are also categorised by age, making it super easy to find the perfect present for that special little person in your life.


What was the inspiration behind Gift Wink? 

Alex, our founder and CEO, kept forgetting her niece’s birthday, and was often unsure of what to buy her. After discussing this with others, she realised that so many people have the same problem, and a website that suggests the perfect children’s gift was very much in demand. After ideating, researching and prototyping for a year, we launched Gift Wink in June last year.


Why do your customers love you?

They love that Gift Wink completely eliminates the stress of buying children’s birthday presents. Many busy parents have so much going on in their lives that it’s so easy for someone’s birthday to slip their mind: That’s where our birthday reminders come in.


Often parents struggle to buy gifts for children who are a different age or gender to their own child too, so they find our gift recommendations super helpful.


Our users also adore the gifts we choose, as they are often from smaller unique brands that people might not have heard of before.


Happy customers say it all! 

“This is definitely ideal for busy and working mums like me. I loved it! This saves time and energy and you don’t forget birthdays of your loved ones and friends. Definitely recommendable to everyone.” – Jobelle, London


“I LOVE this website! It’s so good both for getting ideas on what to get people but as a list so I can send onto relatives as suggestions on what to get for the kids as they are always asking me what they would like for birthdays, xmas etc. I will definitely be using this a lot over the next few months!” – Bridget, West Sussex

“Really impressed with the gift options Gift Wink came up with. Have used the site twice now and both times was a resounding success with the recipient – thank you!” – Amie, London
“Fab idea! I often struggle for gifts that might be a little bit different. The site gives some great ideas and reminds me in plenty of time! – Shelley, Lowestoft


I’ve set up wish lists for all of my kids and I love it. Love the suggestions given. Really takes on board their interests when choosing items to show. Site is very easy to navigate. – Tia, UK


What else should we be telling Coo-l Parents about you?

We’ve got some really exciting projects lined up for 2017 – lots of new suppliers, so expect even more gorgeous and unique gifts to choose from. We’re planning new tools to keep you even more organised, including an app. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates!

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