Coo-l Product: RoosterMoney, helping you teach your kids the value of money


What is RoosterMoney? 

RoosterMoney is a pocket money tracking app that helps parents teach their children the value of money in a digital age.

Untitled3From as young as 4, you can sign up to our free digital tracker that lets children keep track of their money, save towards goals and earn rewards while the parents oversee what money goes in and out of their account (you remain the Bank of Mum and Dad without making any actual deposits).



What makes RoosterMoney unique?

We believe the world would be a better place if we all learned a little more about money early on in life. The RoosterMoney app makes managing pocket money simple for parents, but also fun for kids, and it gives families the space to have positive conversations about money. We use the latest technology to bring to life all the sound traditional principles we were brought up with (or wish we were!) and make managing money relevant and smart.


What was the inspiration behind RoosterMoney?

We initially set out to solve a specific problem: Pocket money is a great idea in principle – BUT finding a system that works for your family is hard, especially when you are a busy parent.


Untitled2We all have memories of pocket money or at least earning some money as a child and importantly, the values of careful money management that we learned as a result.

And as parents, you want your children to grow up to be responsible with money and learn those values too. But in a time of apps, downloads, and a growing cashless society with payments literally on tap – there is a need for a new way to teach kids that money doesn’t grow on trees.



Why do your customers love you? 

Parents love the fact that it makes pocket money easy to manage and transforms conversations with their kids about money.

With RooUntitled5sterMoney there aren’t any more supermarket showdowns because everyone knows what’s what, and parents stay in the loop as The Bank of Mum and Dad.

Kids love the fact they are in charge of what they want to do with their money, whether it’s saving for a new pair of trainers or building a big savings pot!




How would they describe you?

Has been invaluable in making my children appreciate the value of their money.” – Angie, Mum of two

This app makes it really simple… I’ve actually saved money by giving it on this and not buying random stuff whenever they ask me” – Helen, Mum of three


Awesome app my kids love Untitled4watching their savings grow from each job they do.” – Sarah, Mum of two

Genius and perfect for today’s families.” – Nick, Dad of two

Parental sanity saver.” – Debbie, Mum of three



What else should we be telling our users about you? 

The app is free to download and parents who want extra features such as a chore chart and awarding interest can upgrade to PLUS. It’s available on the Appstore (iOS), GooglePlay (Android) and Amazon smartphones and tablets.

If you need any further information on teaching your kids about money, we’ve gathered our top tips on our blog here:

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