Coo-l Product: Student Nannies, matching parents and students


What is Student Nannies about?

Student Nannies is a platform linking up parents who need help with childcare, with students looking for fun, well-paid work. It’s free for parents and students to sign up, post a profile and see who is looking for help or work locally to them.

But if they want to be proactive in their search and send messages to members they think might make a good match, they can upgrade to VIP membership (£15 a month for parents and £10 a year for students).

There’s no minimum sign-up period. We are not a nanny agency and do not employ students or nannies – we simply provide a smart network through which students and parents can discover local matches. Then it’s up to them to contact the person, meet up, chat and agree an hourly rate (we recommend this is reflective of babysitting rates in your area).


What makes it unique?

Parents can search for Student Nannies studying the subject their child loves or needs extra help with – got a craft crazy kid? Find an art student. Or if you are starting to struggle with your child’s maths homework find a maths scholar!

We’re also all about students and parents helping each other. Students are perfectly placed to offer childcare support to working parents because they are available to work flexibly and, in exchange, parents pay a fair wage and help students with career contacts and mentoring. Students and parents are a dream team!


What was the inspiration behind Student Nannies?

The idea for the business came about when we hired a local art student to mind our two children – every Wednesday they made amazing craft projects together which they all enjoyed. When the student left us after a year we wanted to find another student but couldn’t. So we set up!

That’s how we found our current Student Nanny, Chloe, who is wonderful – she bakes with the children every week, helps with homework and reads to them. She also helps us with babysitting and extra hours.


Why do your customers love you?

Our network of students can work flexibly to help parents with the challenges of after-school care, babysitting and school holiday cover.

By making it easier for parents to hold down demanding jobs we are boosting the economy, and by networking with professional parents through our community, students can gain career contacts, insights and mentors, helping them to kick-start their careers and get into the workplace themselves. With students currently under increasing financial pressure with rising living costs and university fees – we feel it is a real win-win for both parents and students!


How do your users describe you? 

Rachel F, mum of two bilingual boys, says “I’ve fallen in love with Student Nannies. We needed someone who’d support our kids in growing their confidence in their bilingualism, while also taking care of them. Our French Student Nanny Laurie-Anne is kind and understanding, dependable and flexible. Such a good fit.”

Chloe Wells, 21, a geography student, says, “Being flexible enough to work around my busy schedule, and offering competitive pay, Student Nannies is the perfect way of earning a bit more each month, and I never leave without a big smile on my face after spending time with the children. What’s more, the contacts I have made through the parents has provided me with a network of professional people who can help me forge my career path.”


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