Coo-l Product: Kids with Brains, hands-on science for kids


What is Kids with Brains?

Kids with Brains is the brainchild of Catarina Pires, who has a science degree and previously worked with a science toy company before deciding to create her own project. We provide after school clubs, workshops, holiday camps and birthday parties in London for children between 4 and 11 years old. All activities are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based and very engaging.


 elephant toothpasteWhat makes it unique?

Our activities (including the parties) are always very hands-on and exciting, which means that each and every child always has the chance to do something, instead of just watching a demonstration. We keep our classes with a small number of children, to make sure that each one receives the attention they deserve.


Children are encouraged to ask questions, be creative and explore different materials. We are always learning something new from them, as children have a lot of imagination, take (controlled) risks and are not afraid to make mistakes.


What was the inspiration behind Kids with Brains?

We strongly believe that childhood is one of the best times of our life and that children need to try and explore new things to improve their skills. We noticed how excited they are to use their senses (especially the touch) and to get involved in something. We want them to use their senses and touch things, get messy and explorative learning.


slimeIt’s not just about science, it’s about improving their fine motor skills, learning to respect each other, working in groups and sharing material and ideas. It’s about learning to have more patience and to be more resilient. We believe in engendering a growth mind-set in children by praising them for their persistence or strategies (rather than for their intelligence).



Why do parents love you?

Because their children always have fun and usually bring the results of their experiments home so that the fun can continue beyond just class or the birthday party. They always create something new while learning more about a different subject.


How would they describe you in their own words?

wizards brew“Catarina provided well planned, engaging and scientifically referenced lessons to my son over two terms. The science lessons were structured, applied and used a range of engaging resources and were sensitive to the needs of students. She provides a reporting system that allows students to monitor their progress and there is a clear balance between academic rigour and full on whizz bang kinaesthetic learning.” Nick (Qualified Teacher)”, father of an 8-year-old boy (Stoke Newington)


“We had ‘Kids with Brains’ over for a private birthday party recently and the kids had a fantastic time doing the experiments with Catarina. They made their own soaps, fired rockets and created little volcanoes. Catarina managed a group of 14 kids perfectly well for over 90 minutes and you could see the excitement and joy in their faces!” Lena, mother of a 7 year-old-boy (Stoke Newington)


What else should our Coo-l Parents know about you?

The topics explored in our activities are often linked to the National Curriculum. All the experiments were tried and tested before, to make sure the children are able to perform them. We always follow safety procedures, to make sure everything is safe for children.


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